Electra Residents Comment on YouTube Video


A YouTube video that casts an unfavorable light on the electra police department and legal department continues to get more views.

When we brought you the story yesterday the video had more than 27,000.

Tuesday, Scott Nesin's YouTube video had more than 31,000 views and while it is attracting lots of online attention, the video only had a few Electra residents who were willing to voice their comments on camera.

"No probable cause.  No consent.  But he's just doing a welfare check. There were two other people in the car."

Electra resident, Sue Howell, had lots of comments as she watched a YouTube video created by Scott Nesin of Allen, Texas. Nesin obtained police dash cam video from his encounter with two Electra police officers in March 2013.

Nesin says while pulled over on the side of the road to take over driving from his wife two officers walked up, conducted an "unconstitutional" search of his vehicle and cited him for two offenses, which were later dismissed.

Electra residents who watched the video say it rubbed them the wrong way, but they are not siding with Nesin.

"First time I viewed it, I thought it was a hoax because it was chopped up.  I didn't really take it seriously," says Howell.

"As a pastor, I believe, why did this have to happen after a year.  A year ago.  Almost a year and this is now being shown?  We just had a revival in this town.  We're on a high right now.  So now, this is being shown?  Come on. Really," says Dr. Mike Watts, senior pastor at First Baptist Church Electra.

The video also shows Nesin speaking with Electra City Attorney Todd Greenwood during a pre-trial and Nesin says the video was recorded by his son.

During the recording Greenwood appears to combative and makes several comments Nesin says are inappropriate, telling him things would be much worse for him in many towns and making reference to the movie Deliverance.
One resident says he doesn't trust this video, saying its only part of the entire dash cam  recording.

"You've got to have the full video.  What was actually said.  Did he provoke that?  Again, that might have been his opinion.  I don't know," Dr. Watts adds.

The entire dash cam video contains the whole story of Nesin's encounter with officers.

That video is at the Electra Police Department and we have requested a copy of it.

Although we got some residents who were willing to comment on the video that was not the case with Electra officials.

Municipal court officials say they were unable to comment on the matter but city administrator, Larry Pannell, did say: "The city is disappointed in the actions shown on the edited video."

Greenwood's contract as city attorney ended in December and still has not been renewed.

When asked if this video has any impact on Greenwood's renewal, Larry Pannell would only say city commissioners tabled the matter during two prior meetings and it would be addressed again at the their next meeting on Tuesday.

To watch the original story click here----->   http://www.texomashomepage.com/story/d/story/viral-video-involving-electra-city-officials/42100/O_2Q0n8HJUONSy_s2bV52w

To watch the entire Youtube video, made by Nesin, click here----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emmoJvpSGyw

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