Emergency Water Reuse Pipeline Complete

- Even though lake levels continue to drop and little to no rain is coming our way, our water supply should soon have some extra support.

The emergency water reuse pipeline is complete and water is now running through the system.

The water running through the pipeline right now is not going anywhere near our drinking supply until the spring, right now they are just making sure all the pieces and parts work correctly.

Water is now getting pulled from the River Road Waste Water Plant, down the emergency water reuse pipeline, and being treated at the Cypress Treatment Plant.

“So now what we'll do is pump a little bit of water, get our chemical feed set correctly through the clarifier then we will turn the pumps back on, add a little bit more water and check all of our chemical feed process and data collection equipment,” says Director of Public Works Russell Schreiber.

Once it's clear that everything is working, they still have to wait for the TCEQ to approve their engineering report, which they hope is approved at the end of the month.

“Every detail in that report we've already worked through with them, that's what we've been for a year now, every question they had we answered,” says Schreiber.

Once they get the green light...

“We have test the water for numerous constitutes and different frequencies through the treatment process,” says Schreiber.

That test will last 45 days, sending the water into the Wichita River, keeping it separate from our drinking supply.

“None of the water that we're pushing over there or pumping of there right now has any possible way of getting into the distribution system, it's all isolated,” says Schreiber.

After the tests wrap up, and the TCEQ says the system is safe, you will turn on your faucet and be able to drink recycled water, helping to stabilize the little water we have left.

The pipeline should be making up for one third of our water supply starting in May.

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