Emergency Water Reuse Pipeline Set to Finish On Time or Early

- The emergency project that will help replenish our water supply is one third complete and well on its way to completion on or before the target date.

That's especially good news for some Wichita Falls residents because construction in the residential areas is all wrapped up.

ISCO Site Superintendent Kevin Smith says they have faced many obstacles since they started in August but after bringing in some extra help this month, they hope to finish earlier than they predicted. But it all depends on the weather.

“It's actually going really well, we've gone through all the residential areas, starting at Barnett and Johnson through, through Fairway Parkway and we just breached the last culvert coming into the dam,” says Smith.

Taking a route starting from the Cypress Plant to the River Road Plant that avoids residential areas took a little more pipe and time than a more direct route, but officials say it will take less time in the long run.

“The reason we took that route was we didn't want to take the time to go acquire easements from private property owners,” says Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schreiber.

Avoiding the residential or business areas means less paperwork and less time waiting to get permits.

The route from the river road waste water plant to the Cypress Treatment Plant follows culverts and canals as much as possible, saving time and money.

And now that the pipeline is past the residential areas, the next step in the process is the city has to decide how they are going to take this pipe and turn it to get it down Holiday Creek.

That part of the project has two options, bend the pipe or build a connector, city engineers are trying to figure out what will make the strongest connection because eventually officials say the creek should be flowing with water again, once rains return.

The pipeline is expected to be finished in December and the city expects to have the project pumping recycled water back into our system by early next spring.

Of course that all depends on the weather and while more rain is good for us, it could delay the project.

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