Evaporation Powder Affected by Weather

Those cooler temperatures have probably been helping the lake levels.

During July and August the lakes usually lose more water to evaporation then they do to actual use.

Sometimes losing over double what we use.

That's why city council decided to invest in a powder that could lower those numbers

But the change in weather does affect how often they have been able to apply the product to Lake Arrowhead.

“If there's forecast, rain in the forecast we'll have to make a judgment call whether we apply it that day or not, we don't want to put our guys in any kind of jeopardy out there, if a thunderstorm rolls we don't want to have those guys get caught in the middle of the lake with lighting flashing around them, things like that,” says Wichita Falls Public Works Department Russell Schreiber.

Schreiber says even with the cooler temps and rain this month it is still important water users continue to conserve.

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