Expressway Park Pond Wraps Up Parks Project

With the lack of green around Texoma during this drought Wichita Falls officials are still trying to find ways to make the falls a more attractive place to live while still keeping in mind that every drop counts.

A construction bid has been awarded on the Expressway Village Park Pond project. The pond is the last part of a project that started about 3 years ago in an effort to spruce up a part of town that has less greenery than the rest.

Over the last few years the 4B board has put more than 300 thousand tax dollars toward making parts of town more appealing.

A pond was put in at South Weeks Park, City View Park was recently expanded and a low water crossing went in at Sunset Terrace Park.

The last part of the project is a pond that will go off Missile Road in Expressway Village Park.

“A pond or water feature is added to a park it brings the park area to life and it's very attractive to passers by on the road ways,” says Jack Murphy, Parks and Recreation Director.

City officials hope the pond will attract more people to the parks in district 5 because they only have 4 out of 40 parks in towns.

“A pond is one feature that tends to attract all ages and it makes a park that may be rather bland, exciting and beautiful to look at and enjoy,” says Murphy.

For now the pond is expected to be just that something nice to look at.

“It's not anticipated that this small pond will be stocked because of it's small size and because there will be significant fluctuation in pond level that would not be satisfactory to a fish population,” says Murphy.

  And once this pond is dug out, we just wait for what Texoma prays for as it will only be filled with rain water.

The pond won't be ready to catch rain we may get until the fall as construction is expected to take 3 months.

Building the pond is expected to cost about 100 thousand dollars.

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