Falls Fest Canceled due to Wet Weather

This weekend brought some much needed rain to Texoma.

But not everyone in Texoma was such a fan of the timing.

Last night's Falls Fest had to be canceled because of the wet weather and several Falls Fest officials took the news pretty hard.

But today they're looking past this year's set back and already getting ready for next year.

As crews breaking down the falls fest stage.

The melody they make is louder than any music made Saturday night, because all of the band's who were scheduled to play never made it to the stage.

"It was for the safety of the bands going on stage. Would you want to go on stage and plug in a hair dryer and that could be a major problem and we did not want that to happen," said Falls Fest Co-director Tammy Robertson.

Puddles of rain and patches of mud reminders of just how wet it was at Falls Fest and how distraught Robertson was when the final decision to cancel last nights events was made.

"I had a really hard time with it yesterday because we did put in a lot of work, there is a whole committee with everybody involved and it's just a downer," said Robertson.

But even with a somber ending to the annual event organizers kept the ultimate goal in mind, happy they could give back.

"It goes to a great non-profit organizations in Wichita County. So you know the money is going back into the community what we raised," she said.

Organizers say they know the weather could always be a factor with Falls Fest since it is such a large, outdoor event.

That won't change the date for future falls fests--

Organizers say it will still be held on the last weekend of September.

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