Firework Sales For New Years Eve Lower Than Independence Day

- It is almost time to countdown 2013 and celebrate the new year.

And if your celebration plans include fireworks there are a few things you will need to know this year.

Fireworks crackle and pop as people countdown the new year.

But the number of festive explosives sold going into the next year is very different than on independence day.

“It's a night and day difference, new years eve business it's just a small fraction of July fourth,” says Russell Nettles of Russell's Firework Kingdom.

“There's really no difference in the merchandise, the big difference is in the demand for the fireworks, the demand this time of year is just not very high,” says Nettles.

But for families that want to enjoy fireworks in Wichita County while ringing in 2014, they'll have to follow some guidelines.

“It's very practical, it's as simple as having a 5 gallon bucket of water, a stick with a towel on it and somebody down wind to watch it, as simple as that, if you do that you will probably never ever have a problem,” says Nettles.

“The county did the same thing this past summer all my customers didn't seem to have a problem with it, so it was no big deal,” says Nettles.

And Nettles says following those rules will not only keep you safe but will help your family enjoy the holiday.

“It's something the entire family can enjoy from the great grand kids to the great grandparents and that's unusual now in today's entertainment realm,” says Nettles.

Nettles says it's that family fun that keeps people coming back every year.

Fireworks guidelines will include having a spotter over the age of 18 present to watch for possible fires, having at least 5 gallons of water available on site, and not using fireworks if winds are 20 miles per hour or greater.


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