First Bikers Against Bullying Ride in Texas Next Weekend

- Just a few months ago, 13-year old Ashley Molina took her life after being bullied at school, and this has caused friends of Ashley's mother to come together and start a movement here in Wichita Falls.

The group partnered with Pueblo Boxing to hold free anti-bullying boxing classes for kids on Saturdays, and next weekend they will be hosting the first Bikers Against Bullying Ride in Texas.

In June a group of from Wichita Falls started to grow a passion for anti-bullying awareness after their friend Mandy Fenoglio lost her 13-year old daughter Ashley Molina due to bullying.

They held a local bike ride to benefit Mandy and her family and then partnered with pueblo boxing to hold free anti-bullying classes for kids.

But their work doesn't stop there.

"There hasn't been anything in Texas, in Oklahoma I don't believe there's even in in Louisiana. So we've had people contacting us form all over the place," John Bunch, a friend of Mandy's, says.  

Bunch is talking about the national bikers against bullying Ride for Bully Awareness. has local chapters all over the country that host the ride.

And Sunday, August 24th for the first time ever, at 10am starting on 7th street, Wichita Falls will be taking part.

"We've got riders coming from all over Oklahoma, all over Texas. We've had a few call us from Kansas, a few call us from Louisiana, all wanting to be involved and all wanting to know what they can do," Bunch says.

Not only to enjoy the ride, but bikers from all over the country want to come together to support their cause.

"'The big point of this is just to get awareness out there. And this is probably gonna be, we're hoping one of the largest in this area that we've ever had," Bunch says. 

Local organizers say after Ashley's death, they want to do everything they can to spread bully awareness.

"If we can save one kid, or something like that, you know just improve someone's quality of life or help them learn more and help them have better respect for themselves and carry themselves better that's the payment for us," Bunch says. 

Bunch says they expect about 300 bikes in the ride next weekend as they hope to continue raise anti-bullying awareness throughout North Texas.

The group will also be having a graduation and celebration next weekend for the kids who have participated in their anti-bullying classes this summer at Pueblo Boxing.

For more information you can head to the Bullying Against Bullying Texas Facebook page.

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