First ever Christmas Crawl hopes to draw people downtown

Wichita Falls Downtown Development is using clever ways to attract people to downtown Wichita Falls.

They held the zombie crawl in October and now, they're using the Christmas season to lure locals and tourists.

The first Christmas Crawl was held on Thursday evening.

The event's goal was to support local businesses.

Downtown Development member Dusty Potter estimates around 700 to 1,000 came out.

The organization hopes activities like this one will help make downtown Wichita Falls thrive.

Business owners like Ricci Amador say activities like the Christmas Crawl help get people out and about downtown.

"It's finally starting to really pick up a little bit. I know with all the events that we've been holding down here, it's really gotten the interest of people that, 'Hey, downtown is a really cool spot to be at' so it is definitely picking up for us," Amador says.

Amador says the community would be surprised to see how much there really is to do.

"Come down, there's lots of great shops. There's great people. All the shop owners down here are amazing people... and we just want people to come down and just experience it. It's really fun," Amador exclaims.

Potter says about 25 retailers and restaurants participated in the crawl.

He says the holiday season is the perfect time to support local businesses.

"What we have down here are products and services that you can't get anywhere else in town," Potter says. "It's retailers that are truly local and every dollar that you spend is going back into your local community."

Wichita Falls residents like Nita Stevens say events like the Christmas Crawl help get her and her friends downtown to explore everything downtown has to offer.

Stevens says, "I think that's a good thing to get people out to come out to something like this. They need to have more activities like this. I think that would help the downtown area."

It's help that can only come if the community gets involved.

Potter says, "Oh absolutely, we're planning on this being an annual event every year and we're really excited about it.

Stevens agrees, "Oh definitely, I think it's a good place to be. I love the old parts of downtown. I like the building and just the area. I like it a lot."

"Just help support the local businesses. Help us little guys because we're really trying to do something different down here," Amador says.

We want to know what you think about our downtown.

What's your favorite thing to do.

Just head to Texomashomepage Facebook page and join the conversation.

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