First Flu Related Death in Wichita County Confirmed

The Centers for Disease Control is now calling this year's outbreak of the flu a national epidemic.

Health officials in Texoma are reporting the first flu related death in Wichita County. Officials say a 45-year-old man, who was relatively healthy prior to getting the flu, died this weekend because of complication related to the virus.

They also say it's those in their middle aged years who are getting hit the hardest this year. According to officials,the most common strain of the flu this year is the 2009 H1N1, otherwise known as P H1N1. Those health officials say this strain of flu is hitting folks between the ages of 18 through 60, rather than most years when infants and the elderly suffer the greatest. 

“Most of the deaths that have occurred across the state this year have been those that we consider middle aged, so those from 40-60 years old, who are in relatively good health before they get sick,” said Lou Kreidler, the Director of Health.

Health officials say there are preventative measures you can take. They say it's still not too late to get the flu vaccination.

It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to take affect and though it doesn't guarantee you won't get the flu, officials say it can reduce the severity, should you get it.

Also, wash your hands. They say if soap and water aren't available use hand sanitizer.

Finally they say stay home.

If you or your child is sick, it's best to stay home and not bring your germs to work with you and possibly infect someone else.

For more information and resources regarding the flu from the CDC click on this link:

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