First Full Day of No Work for Texoma Furloughed Workers

- The effects of the government shut down here in Texoma are very real for some and they're hitting those families hard.

Furloughed workers in Texoma say they're frustrated with the budget debates, especially because that means they're not receiving a pay check right now, but those we spoke with say they're optimistic a decision will be made and soon.

Melissa Guillory, a furloughed worker, says, "When you're used to a quality of living where you're getting two paychecks and that drops down, then obviously your quality of living is going to be different."

She's one of the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who are at home without pay because of the government shutdown.

Non-excepted civilian workers at Sheppard Air Force Base, which make up about 57 percent of the civilian work force, are some of those that won't be earning a paycheck while government funding issues are being resolved.

"We have to pay our mortgage, we have to pay our car notes," Guillory says. "And the folks that are on the receiving end of that money are not going to be too happy if one of us has to call and say, 'Guess what? The government shutdown said that I'm not going to get a paycheck, so I can't give you any money!'"

Jennifer Andrews, another furloughed worker, says, "Anymore, government employment, just like anything else, you have to be flexible. You have to plan for things like this that might happen."

But both say they have faith in a quick resolution.

"Hopefully they'll find a resolve by Friday is what I'm hoping," Guillory says.

"This is the third time I've been furloughed and I have a sense of calm about it I think that may be surprising, but I've also been through it before and I've made it through and I'll make it through this time," Andrews says.

In the meantime, they say they'll find ways to stay busy.

"I've definitely got some home projects to work on. I've got some community singing events and need to learn some music," Andrews says.

"The good thing is my husband has good money sense and we have plenty of savings to get us through at least the next two weeks provided I don't get a paycheck," Guillory says. "And then beyond that, I may be looking for a part-time job."

While on the furlough, some federal employees qualify for unemployment benefits.

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