First Liquor Store in Henrietta Has Strong First Week

Henrietta, TX. - A Texoma town that went "wet" a few months ago now has its first liquor store.

The Top Shelf opened last Saturday.

It's the first and only liquor store in Henrietta.

Since voters decided to allow alcohol there after a city-wide vote in November, ending decades of being "dry."

Part owner Donald Biehl says business is going great and he hopes his store will have a long term impact, that will help Henrietta grow.

"Number one, they don't have to stand in line at Walmart, anymore, they don't have to go in there and wait for ten people to buy grocery's to just get a case of beer," says Biehl.

But convenience isn't the only impact.

Going wet helps keep money local, which Biehl says appeals to residents.

"The majority of them all say the same thing, man we are so proud we don't have to spend our gas dollars to go out of town," says Biehl.
Biehl took the opportunity to open the first liquor store after he closed his family run oil change business.

He then converted it to the liquor store.

He hopes allowing the sale of liquor will have an impact far reaching his store.

Henrietta needs to grow, they need some more growth in town, we need more restaurants," says Biehl.


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