First Responders Describe Scene Where Unresponsive Infant Found

- Authorities who responded to a Wichita Falls home where an infant was found unresponsive in February 2012 testified in court today.

That included a Wichita Falls police officer, two first responders, and a detective.

They testified for the state in the case against Brent Benefield, who's charged with injury to a child causing death in the death of his four-month-old son.

He's also charged with assault causing bodily injury to family members for alleged continuous violence against his wife.

Benefield pleaded not guilty to those charges.

During opening statements, prosecutors said three things will show Benefield is to blame for the baby's death: Benefield's continuous violent behavior, the timeline of the child's death, and the evidence, namely blood.

The defense argues Benefield is innocent and claims the child's mother admits to having thoughts of harming her children.

Defense attorneys claim the child's mother told her counselor at times she wanted to throw the baby out the window.

They also claim some of the four-month-old's injuries could have been caused by paramedics performing CPR.

WFPD Officer Brian Williams who responded to the scene testified Benefield was distraught when he arrived at the house.

He said he saw the victim lying on the bed, that he had black eyes, was pale, and had blood around his mouth.

A Wichita Falls firefighter who testified next said the baby was bluish in color and had no pulse when he arrived on scene.

He also described blue horizontal marks he saw on the infant's neck.

Other than that, though, he said he saw no signs of trauma.

Detective Raymond Perry with the Wichita Falls Police Department testified the home in which the child was found was extremely unkempt.

Prosecutors showed pictures of open dog and cat food containers in the dining area and cat feces in the bath tub.

Former WFPD Sgt. Mike Yonts, who also responded to the scene, testified that shows neglect and unkempt homes are common in child abuse cases.

Once they arrived on scene, first responders took the victim to the hospital.

He was then flown to Cook Children's Hospital where he died four days later.

Testimony continues tomorrow morning.

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