Fixing Wichita Falls Potholes Not Always a Quick Repair

- Temperatures have finally stopped bouncing from freezing to warm. But the potholes those fluctuations created are growing in size as more and more traffic rolls over them.

There is a reason why city crews are not making repairs as fast as many of you would like.

When it comes to repairing potholes the supervisor of the Wichita Falls Streets Department says location and the weather play a part in how quickly the  holes  in the roads are repaired.

You may not always see them before your car tires hit them but you definitely feel it. Potholes are not just annoying. The bigger ones can result in some major repair bills  to vehicles and tires.

"When you hear about those obviously you're gonna have to get out there and get right on them. If you can't fix them immediately then you're gonna have to  barricade or something so that doesn't happen to someone else," says Larry Krugle, supervisor of the Wichita Falls Streets Department.

Even though potholes may sometimes create an obstacle course for drivers officials say getting them repaired is not always a quick process.

"When the weather is cold or it's raining or whatever, you cannot get the mix.  You can't get hot mix.  So, you can make a list and say I'm gonna go repair these potholes but without the mix to do it it's impossible to do," Krugle explains.

According to Krugle, another hurdle is the location. He says the city receives several calls each month about potholes off Maplewood Avenue, behind Bank of America but he says the city is not responsible for repairs here because this is an "undesignated street"-- one which the city turned responsibility over several years ago to the property owners.

Then there's the issue of reporting pot holes.

"We can't apply pressure to them to make them do private property.  That would not work well for the city.  We're not in the business of doing that and we don't have time. We're too busy doing the city streets.  We've go to worry about our own," Krugle says.

Wichita Falls has two trucks with crews that handle pot hole repairs on nearly 570 miles of streets in the city limits. So they stay busy.

But if you know of a pothole that needs to be repaired the City of Wichita Falls has a 24 hour hotline.  That number is 940-761-7970.

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