Food Prices Expected to Go Up This Summer

The next time you check out at your local grocery store, you might have to shell out a little extra as the Texas Farm Bureau predicts food prices to rise this summer. 

Experts with the Texas Farm Bureau say meats like beef and pork are just some of the items that continue to skyrocket.

However, local businesses are are taking the necessary steps to avoid passing those costs onto their customers.

Red River Ranch Fine Meats owner Tom Stephens says over the year, the devastating drought has not only affected crops but those in the meat business.

"We try to keep the cost down because I know this market that we're in is really price sensitive," Stephens says. 

Stephens says ranchers are being forced to downsize but the demand is still high.

He says, "It's feast or famine. It's great when you own the cattle. If you run a cow-calf operation, this is a wonderful time but selling beef to the public, it's kind of the exact opposite."

In addition, Stephens says he's doing what he can to avoid having to raise his prices.

"It kind of affects my pocketbook somewhat but we'd rather have a really great product," Stephens says. "Instead of following these markets up and down, I just try to just keep it at a constant level price point and hopefully it will come back down."

Also, others are also feeling the pinch of the rising food costs.

Jackie Riley with Meals on Wheels, an organization which provide 750 meals to seniors in need in Texoma a day, says they are having to pay more for some of their products.

"One of things that really stands out for us right now is the cost of fruit," Riley says. "Those have increased in cost by the case by $14 a case recently."

Riley says they'll have to take into account the rising food costs moving forward to make sure no senior goes hungry.

She says, "We're currently in the process of developing our budget for the next fiscal year and I know that all those line items are going to be higher then they were last year."

Other factors affecting food prices are high gas prices and last year's bitter winter.

If you would like to help Meals on Wheels, you can call 940.322.6232.

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