Foreign Policy, The Focus Of The White House

Entering the home stretch on his first 100 days in office President Donald Trump is focused on foreign policy.

Today he is hosting the Italian Prime Minister at the White House while juggling shifting relations with Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China.

On day 91 - the President's got quite a full plate --
Today - taking questions from the press.

Today - foreign focus for President Trump - hosting the Italian Prime Minister at the White House.

The President starting the day - on a different foreign front - ordering an investigation - into foreign-made steel -
And its possible effect on national security - notably - not pointing the finger at china.

"This has nothing to do with China. It has to do with worldwide." President Donald Trump

The President is relying on China, to help check North Korea.    
Today - the White House facing more questions - over a naval strike group - reported being headed to North Korea last week, when it was nowhere close.

"It's like saying that a ship off the coast of San Diego was headed to New York." Jeremy Bash NBC News National Security Analyst

This, as the President looks to take a tougher stance on Iran

"Iran spends its treasure and time disrupting peace. " Rex Tillerson, Secretary Of State

Re-thinking and possibly throwing out -- the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal-- that even proponents admit - isn't perfect.

"Even if they're that bad - we'd rather have them be bad without nukes than with nukes." Michael Leitner Counter-Terrorism Expert

Meanwhile - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson - once declared a friend of Russia - has recused himself from deciding on a request by his former company - Exxon-Mobil -- to drill in Russia.

An ask made under the Obama administration - but now before the Trump White House.

Just announced today - the President will visit the Philippines later this year - raising some eyebrows - remember - that country's controversial leader is the same one - who famously cursed President Obama.

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