Former Daycare Driver Admits Being Under Influence of Alcohol, Drugs

    During testimony in her trial today, a former Wichita Falls daycare owner admits to not only being drunk while driving  children from schools, but also says she was under the influence of drugs.
    Today's proceedings included testimony from parents of children in that van and the defendant herself.
    Thirty-two year-old Holly Marie Wooton appeared in 30th District Court today.
    She pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated with child passengers.
    The incident for which she's charged happened May 16 of last year.
    Wooton says she'd recently learned her brother had cancer.
    She says she was upset, so she drank all night until about four or five in the morning May 16.
    She says she also smoked marijuana to try to get to sleep.
    Around eight that morning, kids started showing up at her home daycare, Hollywood Kids.
    She says around noon, she drank two 24-ounce beers.
    Around three p.m., teachers at West Foundation Elementary School say they found Wooton passed out behind the wheel of her van.
    But moments later, she took off with four children unrestrained inside.
    A parent who knew Wooton's route caught up with her at Cunningham Elementary, opened the door of Wooton's van, and took the keys so she would not be able to drive.
    Parents who testified today say since the incident, they've had trouble trusting others with their children.
    They say Wooton took their trust for granted and her behavior could have killed their children.
    When Wooton testified, she said she was immensely sorry for her actions.
    She says she was in a dark place and was letting alcohol control her life, and that incident made her wake up and change her life.
    She says she hasn't had a drop of alcohol since.
    Punishment is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. tomorrow.
    Judge Bob Brotherton will decide her punishment.
    The state is asking for two years jail time, the maximum punishment for this offense.
    The defense wants community supervision.

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