Former MSU Student Now TxDOT's "Face of Drunk Driving"

    Sean Carter was just 22-years-old when he got in the life-changing accident, but he hasn't missed a beat since.
    He's now the face of a state-wide campaign that reminds people of the dangers of drinking and driving.
    "If I knew then that the decision i would make the night of march 27th, 2005 would affect the rest of my life, putting me here in this wheelchair unable to walk or talk, you can bet I would not have done what I did," Sean says.
    Then a 22-year-old MSU business student, Sean got into a pickup after a party with a person who was later tested to be intoxicated.
    Carter was the passenger in a Dodge Ram when it hydroplaned on Midwestern Parkway and struck a tree in the median.
    The driver walked away.
    Sean did not.
    He suffered a traumatic brain injury, and because of that injury, he now uses a standing power wheel chair to move around and a computerized speech device to communicate.
    Sean is now the face of TxDOT's "Faces of Drunk Driving" campaign, a multimedia campaign that discourages people from mixing alcohol with motor vehicles.
    Jenny Carter, Sean's mom, says, "He has the ability to capture the minds of young people and to instill in them a need to do things to maybe modify their lives, modify their behaviors."
    "I am honored to be able to use my experience to be able to prevent other people from experiencing a similar tragedy," Sean says.
    Sean and his mom travel the country telling their story.
    "Just the attitude, the positive attitude that he's had through all of this, nobody could be any more proud than this mom of this son," Jenny says.
    As the new "face of drunk driving", sean hopes his story is heard by hundreds of thousands of people across the state.
    "Please, remember my face.  I am a face of drunk driving, and i am here to remind you what can happen if you get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, or if you ride in the vehicle with someone else who has been drinking," Sean says.
    Sean and his mom want to continue to tell their story, and want to help others through their non-profit, WhenSeanSpeaks Inc.
    You can learn more about the organization at

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