Former Wichita Falls Residents in Path of Irma

Former WF Resident in Path of Irma - Dr. Larry Sharp and his wife, Jeri, have moved to Jacksonville, FL from Wichita Falls about four and a half years ago. Hurricane Irma will be the second hurricane they have experienced since they moved. They can’t evacuate the area because of his job, so they plan to ride out this hurricane just like they did Matthew about a year ago.
“The area in town in which we live is relatively close to the coast,” Dr. Sharp said. “So it’s an evacuation zone, she had to leave anyway. So, she evacuated with me, we stayed in my office at the hospital. We are preparing at home but I also have to make preparations for my team at the hospital.”
Dr. Sharp said almost any place you choose to live comes with some kind of severe weather risk and in Florida that severe weather is hurricanes. He also said worrying about it doesn’t help anything.
“Is there stress? Sure there is a little bit of stress,” said Dr. Sharp. “Do I worry about losing my home and things like that? Yeah it’s a thought and you don’t want to have to go through that. But they are things and yeah they have memories associated with them and you don’t want to lose those things and star over.”
They have boarded up their house and he said in the past Jacksonville has not gotten the worst part of the storms because of its geography. Dr. Sharp also said this being the second hurricane he has experienced, the preparations are a little easier this time around.

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