Fort Sill Holds 3rd Annual Polo Match

"It's something you don't see or can experience anywhere else here locally." Said Lawton Resident Woody Gebhart.

Sunday those fans took in an international sport known as Polo, a game where players goal is to hit a ball through two metal posts by using a mallet.

It's a game that's more popular overseas but has a history within the Fort Sill Army Post in Lawton.

"Polo has been around here and a part of the Calvary and Equestrian teams for over a hundred years and they've wanted to re-establish Polo here at Fort Sill." Said Rob Hewitt of the Austin Polo Club.

With over a thousand people showing up to watch Sunday's Mother's Day Match. The sport's appeal and popularity continue to grow with local residents.

"I just like seeing the guys on the horses and listening to the horses run by as they're chasing the ball, you don't really get that sound anywhere else, the ground rumbles." Said Polo Fan Tiffany Gebhart.

"When we were here last time we were really impressed and we couldn't wiat for this year." Said Woody Gebhart.

With the horses, not the players taking center stage this game offered a change of pace that was a welcome sight for many fans looking to enjoy a sport offering excitement from a more simple era.

"A lot of times people are excited, they've never seen a Polo Match and we like to share the sport of Polo." Said Hewitt.

"It's just fun and relaxed, everyone's engaged in the game." Said Tiffany Gebhart.

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