Fort Sill Soldiers Once Again Unite Through Baseball

"When I first put this uniform on I said I belong in this era. This is a great atmosphere, we're all having fun and it's really nice to see everyone in the tradition." Said Mark Davis of the Army Reserves.

Mark Davis put on a different kind of uniform Saturday, dawning a Baseball Uniform from the 1800's as the Fort Sill Army Post in Lawton continued their tradition of re-enacting games played from the post's early days. When different cavalries squared off in friendly competitions on the diamond. One of those cavalries being the newly organized Troop L. 

"The Calvary begin what was called Troop L, of every Calvary Regiment, Troop L was made up specifically of Native American Soldiers and so what this game represents is the descendants of Troop L. Those Native American Soldiers playing against other soldiers of the army." Said Frank Siltman Director of the Fort Sill Museums.

Baseball had become a simple way to pass time for soldiers during the 1800's, but these early games held a certain significance as it united the white and Native American Soldiers who served at the post.

"The history here isn't just about the army, isn't just about Fort Sill it's about the whole region. It's about the tribes, it's about Lawton. This represents that same dynamic of the late 1800's as the settlers were here, the soldiers were here, the tribes were here and we built a community that is now Lawton-Fort Sill today." Said Siltman.

With Native American and White Soldiers once again taking the field in friendly competition. It serves as a reminder of how a game helped put everybody on the same playing field.

"That's what we're representing, that same comradery, that same relationship that was built as a result of that." Said Siltman.

"I decided I wanted to go ahead and partake in it, seemed really prestigious and it felt really good for my people." Said Davis.  

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