Four Republican Candidates Vying for Wichita County Precinct 2 Commissioner

- For the past 16 years, the Precinct 2 Wichita County Commissioner seat has been held by Pat Norriss but last November, the former mayor of Burkburnett announced she would not seek re-election.

Four republicans believe they can fill the shoes of Wichita County Precinct 2 commissioner, Pat Norriss.

All four men say they are no strangers to hard work, and all four say they are determined to make a difference in Wichita County. So it's up to the voters to decide  which will make the biggest difference.

The race to be the republican on the ballot for Wichita County Precinct 2 Commissioner in November got very crowded when incumbent Pat Norriss announced she was retiring.

Lee Harvey is a Wichita County native who worked in the oil field industry and also at a Wichita Falls company called Piping Engineering, where he became general manager.

He believes his business experience is why voters should check his name on the ballot.

"Working in chemical plants and refineries have taught me to deal with some very large budgets.  Manpower, human resources, contacts. There's probably not a better candidate out there that can review or develop a scope of work, do a bid review and make sure  everything is in there,” says Harvey.

Leon Crabtree, Jr. is a life-long Burkburnett resident and U.S. Army veteran. He's worked for Wichita County for five years.

Three years ago he was promoted to road and bridge foreman of Precinct 1. He says his experience in county government makes him worthy to take over the commissioners job.

"I've gained a ton of knowledge in the way that county government and the procedures of Commissioners Court work.  I've cut our budget 25% from the knowledge that I've gained, just trying different things and getting out of our comfort zone, if you will,"Crabtree explains.

Mickey Fincannon has a wide range of experience, including construction and farming. The Texas native is a detective with the Wichita Falls Police Department and owner of MR Services, along with half a dozen other Wichita County businesses.

He explains why he deserves the nod from voters.

"I've been involved in construction work my entire life.  I have a farm.  I operate heavy equipment.  I'm knowledgeable with reviewing any type of bids or estimates for work to be done.  I think with all my prior knowledge that I'm the most qualified person," Fincannon says.

Bill Lockwood is the only candidate who is a transplanted Texan. He was born in Arizona. His father was an Air Force pilot, so his family moved around the world but Lockwood says when he grew up, his interest turned to serving through religion.

He settled in Wichita County and is the pastor of the Iowa Park Church of Christ. He's also a teacher in the WFISD, raises horses and feels his vision is why voters should select him.

"I believe that I am the only conservative to the core candidate that is out there.  I mean by that, not only fiscally conservative at the same time aware of the issues that are taking place in our state and the surrounding areas-- protecting property rights and so forth,” says Lockwood.

Four candidates in one race, which is providing registered republicans a diverse list of candidates to choose from. Each candidate identified water was the number one issue facing Wichita County.

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