Four Schools Lower Their Flags for the Last Time

- Students and alumni had one last day at their schools Friday, before flags were lowered one last time for the end of classes forever at two elementary schools, and at two schools that will see big changes in the fall.

Students at Alamo and Sam Houston Elementary schools said goodbye to their schools as they will consolidate into what was previously the Zundy Junior High facility.

Barwise and Zundy Junior Highs also lowered their flags, and when flags are raised for the fall semester, they will merge as Barwise Leadership Academy.

Friday's ceremonies were bittersweet and teachers say students and staff at each school are families, and these families will remain together throughout this transition.

Alamo Elementary School is nearly one hundred and four years old.

Past and present students and faculty honored the school and memories they say will never be forgotten as new memories are made in coming years.

"Well it's quite emotional. It is the end of our school but we're all going wonderful places and the kids are going wonderful places and we're trying to be very positive and upbeat, because it's going to be a new experience," 5th grade science teacher Jody Hopson said. 

Jody Hopson has been teaching fifth grade science at Alamo for twenty-eight years.

She says the consolidated schools will be a change for the students, but they will bond and become families again.

"Yes they're losing their home, but they're going to find another one. And people who still love them. But we're going to several different campuses. Some of us are going with our kids to Scotland Park, some of us are going to Zundy. So we'll still be there, we'll still be their support," Hopson said. 

Zundy and Barwise Junior Highs and Sam Houston Elementary also lowered their flags for the last time.

And teachers at Barwise say although Barwise will still be here as a school building, it is an end of one tradition.

"It's an ending, and those are very sentimental, endings are, but it's also exciting because it's the beginning of a new chapter," Former Barwise Principal Linda Muehlberger said.  

And with the new chapter, teachers say they hope that the students hold onto the memories.

"Oh I hope they remember all the love, and all the good times. And I think they will because I saw so many faces in the crowd today of past students and past faculty, so they'll take the love with them," Hopson said. 

Though it was a sad day for many, most seemed ready to move forward with new challenges. 

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