Four Texoma Towns Approved for Emergency Grants to Drill Wells

An emergency grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture is allowing four Texoma towns to dig wells in an effort to supplement their dwindling water supplies. 

Haskell, Goree, Knox City and Munday were all approved for emergency grants which are worth $350,000 each.

Munday City Administrator Ricky Ake says the wells won't fix their drought crisis but they will ensure every drop continues to count.

Ake says Munday is suffering the consequences of the devastating drought just like every other city and town throughout Texoma.

He says its main water source, Miller Creek Reservoir, is at a dangerously low level.

Ake hopes two to three wells that will be drilled just outside town thanks to an emergency grant will contribute to the city's water source.

"It will supplement the water, the drinkable potable water, that we are being able to get now," Ake says. 

However, Ake says he knows wells are a gamble.

"You drill wells at times and there is nothing there," Ake says. 

In addition, Ake knows they won't produce enough water to reverse the effects of the drought.

"The wells are basically a stop cap," Ake says. "They're a band-aid on the situation. They're something to get us through another year and a half or two years."

The impact of the ongoing drought is clearly visible at Miller Creek as Ake says the reservoir sits at 11% capacity.

Unfortunately, he says only about half of that is usable. 

"The last 5% of it that's there... we can get it into the pump stations but as far as being able to disinfect it, clean it, make it right for drinking, it'll probably cost you more money then it would be worth," Ake exclaims. 

It's a precious resource he hopes like so many others, is finally replenished with a great deal of much needed rain.

Ake says through the emergency grant, Knox City will receive two wells, Goree will get one and Haskell will get two or three. 

Ake says Munday residents are also doing their part.

He says water customers are using about 100,000 gallons a day, down from 2230,000 gallons a day. 

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