Future Military Technology Being Tested at Fort Sill

In warfare, the U.S. military is deploying more and more technology to get the upper hand on enemies and to keep the troops safe. But before it makes it to troops world wide, it's undergoing tests right here in Texoma.

"They're being asked to fight a brigade, counter or reconnaissance fight, and we want to hear from the soldiers what they think about this system," chief of Experimentation and Wargaming, Lt. Col. Jeff Erts said. "Is this feasible? Is it easy to use? What modifications need to be made? Should we even be using it in the first place?"

The mobile high-energy laser is one concept troops are currently testing on the post. It is mounted onto a Stryker vehicle and can shoot down drones.

"We added on-board radar, a second optic, we increased the power of the system from two to five kilowatts," Erts added. "We increased it's engagement range."

And they continue working to perfect the laser technology so it can one day be used in warfare.

"Initial feedback is that they're very excited," Erts said. "They love the system are excited about not only what they can do in the air but what they can do with it on the ground as well."

They're also looking into a way to use drones to increase the safety of our troops by using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV, to deliver care packages and even ammunition.

"We're looking at Class 5 which is ammunition and Class 9 which is repair parts," CASCOM Capt. Dustin Dunbar said. "If you can imagine a striker is out on the battlefields and goes down." 

"Rather than taking an entire convoy...you are just loading a piece of equipment, a Class 9 repair part, within the JTARV and sending it point-to-point."

"Anytime you don't have to put soldiers lives in danger to deliver supplies, that's a benefit," Lt. Col. Erts said.

Once enough data is collected through these experiments, the technology will then go on to even more rigorous testing before possibly becoming operational, which could take anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

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