WICHITA FALLS--Stephanie Satcher grew up in Wichita Falls and has spent her life giving to others.

She has spent most of her summers volunteering at vacation bible schools and going on mission trips to South America.

Her main goal, to help those less fortunate than herself.

And it's for that reason that Gil Peters wanted to “Pay-it-Forward” to Stephanie.

"She's had to take a medical leave from her work and is receiving very minimal compensation and it's very difficult for her to make ends meet,” said Gil Peters, this weeks Pay-it-Forward winner.

Because what you won't know from seeing how much Stephanie does for others is that for the past several years Stephanie has been suffering inter-cranial hypertension.

It's a disease in which the cerbro-spinal fluid pressure within the skull is too high, causing severe migraines and requiring Stephanie to be on a very specific diet.

"I just started a new treatment on Monday and it entails a lot of nutrition changes, in fact a whole nutrition overhaul, I was just wondering where i was going to get the grocery money," said Stephanie Satcher this weeks pay it forward recipient.

This daily battle means Stephanie can not work steadily so she has a very fixed income for herself and her daughter.

"It's just the two of us and being on disability income...which is not much she is going to have be on the same diet that I’m on,” said satcher

So when Gil presented her with 3-hundred dollars from Four Stars Auto Ranch the emotions where overwhelming and all she could do was express her gratitude.

“I just can't believe this has happened because this is what i needed and it's just a huge blessing,” Satcher said.

A blessing to not just her but also to her fifteen-year-old daughter...A Blessing that she couldn't say thanks enough for.

"thank you...thank you so much...thank you," satcher said.

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