Goodwill's 4th Annual Donation Drive To Benefit Phased-In

WICHITA FALLS - Once a child turns 18, they age out of the foster system and that's where Phased In steps in.

Goodwill's annual donation drive helps the nonprofit continue to help these young adults. Since 2014, the Goodwill donation drive has raised close to $7000 for the Phased In project, money Phased In founders say helps many kids find a way of life, after they transition out of the foster system.

Over 1200 people phase out of the foster care system in Texas every year and half of them will end up homeless.

Over the last five years the Phased In project has become one of the leading faith-based programs in the state that aims to help kids who have aged out of the foster care system.

"After they turn 18, many times venture out they're on their own, considered an adult and they really have no where to go," said Phased In Founder Pastor Kile Bateman.

Bateman said the organization gives 18 years back to these young adults in an 18 month program that includes providing them housing, medical care, and life training along with the other necessary tools to make it through this world alone.

"We give opportunities to those that never got adopted, we protect the unprotected."

Bateman said they are able to do just that, thanks to generous donations from the community. Over the last four years goodwill has donated $6500 through their annual donation drive event.

"They have a heart for these kids, they've come along side us and partnered with us from the very beginning, so they get to share in the all the victories that take place," Bateman said.

The Goodwill donation drive is Saturday from 11am to 5pm at the Goodwill on the corner of Southwest Pkwy and Fairway.

They'll have carnival games, prizes, and food all of which will be free to everyone. All donations and 10 percent of purchases made will go towards Phased-In.

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