Graham couple pays homage to the late Harrison Brown

WICHITA FALLS - A blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 1-month-old baby boy is bringing some much-needed joy to Lori Brown and her family after they've suffered an unbelievable loss back in May. 

Harrison Brown was from Graham, and was a freshman at the University of Texas when he was stabbed and died from his injuries.

A sweet baby's sound is bringing tears to Lori Brown, "These are happy tears and no way are they sad tears at all," she told us. 

Tonight, Lori Brown was meeting Harrison Briggs Armstrong for the first time. 

"This is something I've been waiting all day for and he is precious and beautiful," Brown said. 

In May, Brown's world shattered when she lost her youngest son, Harrison, to a senseless act of violence, nearly 6 months later, the birth of a baby boy from a longtime friend is bringing her some much-needed happiness. 

"I told her, I said Lori I wanted to ask you a question and we think so highly of your Harrison," Harrison Armstrong's parents, Tiffany and Dr. Travis Armstrong stated, "and we want to see if we can borrow that name and bring honor to his legacy."

 Brown continued to tell us,  "I had no idea that that's what he was here to ask me but as he started to talk, immediately it clicked and I knew where the conversation was going" 

On September 16, Travis Armstrong asked Lori if he could name his son after Harrison Brown.

"I started to tear up and started to cry and knowing that Harrison's 20th birthday was the next day," Brown said. 

Travis and Tiffany's son, Harrison Briggs Armstrong was born September 17th, the very same day Lori Brown would celebrate her son's birthday without him. 

"Just knowing that it brings a smile to Lori and the rest of the Brown family is so sweet and we're just grateful that we can share our Harrison with them in any capacity," Tiffany Armstrong said. 

Brown told us, "God is so good and I feel sure that before this little baby took his first breath, my Harrison Brown was a bird in his ear just kind of saying go get 'em, buddy." 

Although Harrison Briggs will not be able to replace the void left by Harrison Brown's passing, Lori Brown can now at least look into his big blue eyes and find some peace and comfort., and a different kind of happiness. 

The University of Texas will host a community gathering on November 10th to honor Harrison. A trial date is not set yet but is scheduled to start sometime in the Spring, we will keep you posted as soon as more information becomes available.    

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