Graham Firefighters Battle Against Growing Buzzard Nuisance

Wichita Falls has dealt with cattle egrets moving in and causing a loud and filthy, stinky mess across town, and now,  the City of Graham is fighting its own battle against buzzards.

The birds are a nuisance for Graham residents but since the buzzards are endangered, the Graham Fire Department is limited on how they can scare the birds out of town.

Graham Fire Rescue Chief Dennie Covey says neighborhoods in the city have been under attack for the last several weeks.

"They have bowel movements and stuff like that," Covey says. "They were leaving a terrible mess around the daycare centers and houses, persons houses where they was, sidewalks were covered with the stuff and the top of the roofs were covered in this."

For Sarah Murray, a mother of two, the struggle is real.

Her kids attend Kiddie Kottage, a location where the buzzards are known to roost.

"The daycare has problems with the smell, especially when it's heated outside," Murray exclaims. "The fumes of the waste, product of the birds will actually make the daycare where they can't go outside and play. They actually have to stay in because it's so bad."

In addition, she says, "It makes me worry what they can actually get because I've actually talked to the doctor and they have no idea what the potential causes or long term effects can be."

Fire Chief Covey says animal deterrent guns are being used all around town to scare away the nuisance permanently.

"We're using a technique that's proven to not hurt the birds but just harass them enough to make them move to a different spot," Covey says. 

He says the flare guns are firefighters only option and they they will continue to fire them everyday until the birds finally move on.

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