Graham Looking into Reuse Water

As the Wichita Falls water reuse project enters its third week, another Texoma town is now looking into reusing its waste water.

Graham's city council has been working with a consultant to find the best water conservation option and using effluent appears to be the most cost effective and efficient plan.

The Consultant told city officials that they will need a new water source besides Lake Graham by 2016 if the drought continues, so they are in the process of seeing how to make a reuse project possible.

In a few days Graham should get approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to sell treated effluent instead of potable water to the surrounding oil companies and farmers.

But city officials are also looking into expanding their use of recycled water through an indirect potable reuse project.

“Taking the water from our plant, putting it back up stream of our water system back through the lake let it filter out and then come back into our water system,” says Public Works Director David Casteel.

Right now that treated waste water goes down Salt Creek and to Possum Kingdom Lake but taking the water from Possum Kingdom would be a much more expensive option then using it before it even gets to the lake.

Tapping into groundwater doesn't seem viable either but as their water supply continues to dwindle the decision to move forward with a plan needs to be made soon.

“Our consultant tells us that in 18-20 months if things continue like they are that we'll have some issues to address any of the three options we discussed take about 18 months to implement,” says Casteel.

Casteel says city councilors should vote on moving forward with the reuse project soon.

Meanwhile continuing to pray for the rain needed to get through this drought before they need to follow in Wichita Falls' footsteps.

Now Lake Graham is in much better shape then Arrowhead and Kickapoo and is hovering around 43 percent, but that is still the lowest level in many many years.


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