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Graham Police Department teaches defensive tactics for women

GRAHAM - Giving women time to get away is just one part of what women learned in a defensive tactics class in Graham. 

The Graham Police Department teaches several different programs throughout the year and Sunday, it taught women self-defense.

"Hopefully you'll get one or two things out of this that will make you feel more confident if you've ever been confronted," Chief Tony Widner, Graham Police Department, said. 

After several requests from the community, the Graham Police Department decided it was time to hold another defensive tactics class for women. 

"People are wanting to know more information about things that they can do that will reduce the likelihood of them becoming a victim," Widner said. 

That's why the first part of the program is about crime prevention techniques, such as knowing where to park in parking lots, having your keys ready before reaching your destination, leaving lights on around the home.

"We don't always think about preventing ourselves from becoming the victim, so the more we work towards those preventative goals, it stops us from having to do the physical fighting goals," Ty Viehmann, Crime Prevention Officer for Graham Police Department, said. 

But when prevention is not enough, knowing certain defensive techniques could be the only way to survive an attack.  

"Most of the people that are involved in active shooter situations or assaults did not think anything like that would happen until it does," Widner said. 

Viehmann said, "Any women can take out any man if they know how to do it."

Much like Telsha, Viehmann's wife, who attended her first class Sunday. 

"Yeah, I was surprised that the techniques that they give you actually helps you get somebody off you, even if they're bigger than you," Telsha Viehmann said. 

"If I can look at her and the way she handled herself today, I know I don't have to worry about her as much when I'm out here working," Viehmann said. 

"I think it's good for every woman to know how to protect herself," Telsha said. "It can happen to anybody."

If you think you or someone else could benefit from this program, you are asked to contact Chief Widner at the Graham Police Department at (940)549-6441.

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