Grasshoppers Continue Damaging Crops and Move into Texoma Cities

Farmers are welcoming the forecast of possibly a lot of rain and cooler temperatures.
However, as Mechell Dixon reports, they and other Texomans are cursing an insect that's damaging crops and irritating people.

As Kenneth McAlister walked through his son's sesame field in Iowa Park the plants didn't catch his attention as much as the grasshoppers.
They've damaged many young sesame plant leaves here... And he says this isn't the first crop he's planted this spring.

"We've actually had two fields of sesame that we planted and had to replant cause they totally took it out," says McAlister.

These annoying insects and their voracious appetites are causing farmers headaches and costing them lots of money on chemicals to kill them off in rural parts of Texoma counties.

But the grasshoppers have made their way into the city limits where they're lounging around parking lots and basically, grossing out people with their vast numbers.

Crystal Killian says grasshoppers weren't bothering her at her watermelon stand but she says it was a different story earlier in the day as she shopped at a local store.

"They were jumping into my bag and everything.  I was like man this is crazy," says Crystal Killian, who lives in Wichita Falls.

Crazy is how how some at another Wichita Falls business describes the insect invasion.

"We've been cleaning up dead grasshoppers and it's just a mess.  Everybody's trying to hurry and get inside the store and from my understanding they're everywhere," says Victoria Hernandez, an employee at Market Street in Wichita Falls.

From the city to the country, grasshoppers have become a populated pest that Texomans can't wait to die off.

Mechell Dixon, KFDX 3 News.


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