Grasshoppers Invading Texoma Again

- This summer is also bringing a loud, destructive annoyance back to Texoma-- grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers thrive in hot, dry weather which is why they've enjoyed Texoma for the past several years.

Pest control officials say recent rains have greened up the area and turned parts of Texoma, like Iowa Park, into a smorgasbord for the greedy insects.

This house outside of Iowa Park is where grasshoppers love hanging around. From the window screens to the side of the house, homeowner, Heidi Lagerstrom, says they have become extremely annoying neighbors.

"Whenever you come out there're jumping on you and if you're driving around the property you get smacked in the face with them.  It's just no fun," Lagerstrom says.

So, she's having them evicted. She called Danny Frazier of All Seasons Termite and Pest Control to tackle this insect invasion.

Frazier says the chemical typically kills off the grasshoppers after about five minutes, leaving behind all of their destruction for homeowners to see. Experts say although grasshoppers love hot, dry weather once they take flight they head for lush green plants to feast on.

"I think it's mainly due to the drought.  I know there have been a few years where we had grasshoppers and we weren't in a drought but it's worse when there is a drought," Frazier says.

That's bad news for homeowners who are trying to maintain landscaping around their homes but good news for exterminators who are staying busy keeping the grasshopper population at bay.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension officials say there are 150 species of grasshoppers in the state but 90% of the damage to crops, gardens, trees and shrubs are caused by just five species.

So, when can we expect to get a break from these destructive insects? Officials say this fall when get freezing arrive in the forecast.

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