Greg Abbott Campaigns in Wichita Falls with Ted Nugent

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made a stop in Wichita Falls on Tuesday, the city he was born in, campaigning for the Republican nomination for Texas Governor.

However, on this trip, he brought with him a man who's known for making headlines for his sometimes controversial and outspoken views.

Rocker and gun rights activist Ted Nugent joined Abbott on the campaign trial to talk to voters. 

The duo drew dozens of supporters who were eager to hear what they had to say. 

Nugent says, "If you examine what the liberal democrats have done to everything they have touched, it's really insanity that anyone would want to do that again so we shouldn't let it happen here in Texas."

Nugent says he believes Abbott is the best and only choice for Texas Governor. 

"Texas is the greatest quality of life in America and Greg Abbott represents that greatest quality of life in America," Nugent says. "Abbott is a true leader. He's a true statesman and Texas needs a man like that right now because the Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi team, they have their infiltration here and it's Wendy Davis."

Abbott says he will continue to defend the rights of Texans.

"The Constitution applies across the entire state of Texas and across the entire country," Abbott says. "It's time for her to stop flipping and flopping and be consistent. We have to vote and support the second amendment of the United States Constitution."

Many supporters say this campaigning duo is a perfect match.

Rickey Sykes says, "You can believe both of them. Both of them speak from the heart. Ted Nugent is, he's amazing but much more amazing I believe will be Greg Abbott.

Eileen Levy agrees. 

She says, "They both bring their own flare if you will but the message is essentially the same."

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