Grief After Buckley's Death

A shooting two weeks ago left a Wichita Falls man dead and his family in mourning.

But now his family and friends say there is something else adding to their grief.

Police say 32 year-old Rocky Buckley died after being shot just 8 blocks away from his home.

No arrests have been made and Buckley's family says they won't rest until they see justice.

Holding hands to stay strong.

Wiping tears away remembering a son, husband, and father of four children.

That's what rocky Buckley's family is doing at his mother's home.

"We are always going to love and miss Rocky, there is nothing that is going to bring him back ever, but we need some justice and we need some answers," Terrie Cribbs, Buckley's mother said.

Answers, which they say police aren't giving them.

"I have talked to him one time, and I had to go to him. No one has come to me. They won't come to us, they won't tell us anything. We want to know what's going on, just don't sweep this under the rug," Cribbs said.

"It was a senseless murder and something should be done about it. I mean he hasn't been arrested, charged, nothing. I don't understand why," Crystal Buckley, Buckley's wife said.

They also say they don't understand why her 15 year-old daughter who was at the scene of the shooting was taken into questioning for four hours without her mother's permission.

And now Rocky's mother questions what she was taught long ago.

"Your taught from a young kid to respect the police, right now I am very doubtful. I am very suspect. My tax dollars pay for there jobs and they are not doing there jobs," Cribbs said.

Police say the shooting is still an "open investigation " and they can not comment at this time.

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