Grocery Stores Have Limited Supplies

Roads were treacherous over this weekend and even more so in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

And that is where many of the groceries and supplies come from to stock stores.

After a weekend cooped up at home Diana Silf is replenishing her pantry.

The store is out of her preferred brand of bread, but at times like this she is not being too particular.

“Right here, that's what I get, but this will do for right now,” she said.

Diana wasn't the only one looking a little lost in the bread aisle at United Market Street Monday, some might even had to grab a loaf they loathed.

”A lot of our vendors, a lot of our partners weren't able to deliver merchandise over the weekend. Just anybody coming out of the Dallas, Fort Worth area had problems getting here,” said Bryan Alexander from Market Street.

And he said bread wasn't the only item shoppers struggled to find on shelves; milk and Coca-Cola products were also on limited supply or completely gone.

But he said Monday, most items were replenished, except for bread, which is why Diana had to try something new.

She and most shoppers didn't seem to mind having to accept a different brand or item.

“I can wait on my brand, I can wait,” she said.

As long as it kept drivers and their truck loads safe, so she could continue coming back to fill up her bags.

Market Street said they expect all their items to be fully stocked by Tuesday.

They weren't the only stores on limited supply this weekend.

Several shoppers at a Walmart reported that milk, meat and bread were hard to find over the weekend.

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