Grocery Stores Restocking Essentials Ahead of More Possible Bad Weather

- The winter weather may have closed schools and many businesses today but grocery stores remained open so people could restock essentials and stock up for more possible bad weather.

Since many businesses were closed Monday, many Texomans stayed in their homes and off the roads. However, the few who ventured to Market Street earlier today found no shortages of necessities.

Restocking was one of the major jobs of the day at Market Street following the weekend grocery rush before the winter storm hit. So, what was being snatched up?

"It's always the milk, breads, soups, stew meat, chili meat, firewood, fire logs-- anything that has to do with cold weather and ice, that's what they want to buy," says Bryan Alexander, operations manager at Market Street.

As snow covered roads gave way to slush, drivers started slowly venturing out again purchasing many of the same necessities, like eggs, for the near future.

"It's coming again this weekend.  At least that's what Skip McBride tells us," says a Wichita Falls resident.

A winter storm in December that shut down much of North Texas for two days, including Wichita Falls, resulted in bare shelves in some stores because icy roads made it too dangerous for trucks to make their scheduled deliveries.

This time around there is no problem, at least until the next round of winter weather arrives.

I checked with several other stores today on winter weather supplies for homes and vehicles. Items like de-icer and scrapers are still in stock at many stores but some businesses are low or out of shovels, wood and ice melt, which could be in big demand again, later this week.

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