Gyms and bands staying proactive against the flu

WICHITA FALLS - As flu- like illnesses take a toll on Texoma schools, people everywhere are doing their best to combat and avoid them. 

Just like at local gyms, extra steps are being taken to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in hopes of helping members and guests avoid becoming sick. 

With another 12 weeks of flu season still to go, gyms and schools are taking preventative measures to try and hold the flu at bay. 

"The staff is really being proactive there and wiping down their toys constantly, constantly doing laundry just always trying to be proactive and clean, clean, clean," Jim Heiman, Bill Bartley YMCA Branch Director and Project Manager, said.

Heiman said the maintenance staff is taking extra care in specific areas such as child care and the weight room. 

"When people come here they're lifting weights and babies are playing with toys, so it's always hand to hand contact," Heiman said. "So we're trying to be more proactive in spraying all of our equipment. Make sure we have plenty of disinfectant everywhere so that it's really easy for our members to use."

Also being proactive is Rider High School Band and Orchestra Director Loy Studer, who said after 21 years of teaching, keeping the kids healthy this year has been quite the obstacle.

"A third of our second period class was gone the other day and our band class, this is the 15th day of school and we haven't had a complete class of kids yet," Studer said. 

One senior student said keeping the instruments clean is always a  priority for him. 

"It also makes it sound better if you keep it clean and if you treat it nice like I said, but yeah, to make sure you don't get sick because no one likes to be sick," Caleb Bynum said. 

"They know what they're supposed to be doing, we've just kind of reminded them to clean, especially if they've been sick, to go ahead and wipe it down because I sometimes think people just don't think about that," Studer said. 

It's very good advice whether it's fighting germs on instruments or toys and weights at the Y.

If you think you're sick or feeling bad, Heiman asks that you just stay home and look after yourself and start feeling better before getting out and mixing with other people.

So far, this flu season's showing no signs of letting up.

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