Habitat for Humanity Blesses a Family in Need With a Home

- A Wichita Falls family in need is now enjoying a new home, thanks to a group of college volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.

The team started working on the house in March and now that it's finished, the new home owners enjoyed a house warming party this weekend.

The Habitat for Humanity volunteers spent months working on the house so they could bless Beverly Smith and her four grandchildren with a safe place to live.

Members of the community from St. Matthew's Baptist Church gathered at the house on Saturday to dedicate it and bless the family moving in.

This is something that Habitat does each time they present a house to a family in need.

Smith says she and her grand kids really were in need of this home, especially because of the area they were living. 

"Where I was living, I didn't have no porch, I didn't have no installation, I'm lucky to have lights because they go on and. And just where i come from it's just not safe to live," Smith says. 

Habitat allows each family to actually design their own floor plan, which smith was very excited about.

With prayer and worship on Saturday, church and community members joined Habitat for humanity volunteers to welcome a new family into the neighborhood.

"Some days we were lucky if the floors didn't fall in, didn't know if it was solid. But look god blessed me with a solid foundation and i'm happy," Smith says
Beverly Smith says she and her four grandchildren have lived in an unsafe area for years.

"I'm happy for my kids number 1, because today is all about kids. And moving them into a safety home," Smith says.  

The home was dedicated to the family on Saturday to welcome them into the community.

And church members say as Habitat continues to move families into their neighborhood, they are encouraged.

"It adds spice. It adds life and families into the community, and also to bring back revenue into the community," St Matthew's Baptist member, Doris Smith, says.   

With tears of joy, and a new community of neighbors, Beverly and her grand kids enjoyed their first day in their new home.

"I didn't expect for them to come, but they showed up." Smith says.  

Beverly says those tears of joy will keep flowing as she enjoys the new house.

"I don't have to worry about going in the bathroom, wondering if they floors are going to fall in, but God gave me a home. And I can walk around it and not worry about falling in. And I just thank the lord most of all," Smith says. 

There are a few small things that crews will be finishing inside the house and then Beverly and her grandchildren will be moving in later in the week. 

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