Healthcare Signup Improving for Texomans


More than a month ago Americans encountered major problems when open enrollment started for affordable healthcare on the federal government's website.

But after hearings at the nation's capital and lots of finger pointing, is the site accessible?

Mechell Dixon spoke with a local health insurance expert to find out.

I spoke with Jackie Spragins, a local agent, and she gave me some good and bad news.

She says the good news is that she has had several clients who have signed up for healthcare insurance.

But she says the bad news is that it has only been her clients who do not qualify for subsidies to help pay for coverage.

Jackie Spragins specializes in healthcare insurance.

She says when open enrollment started October 1st glitches on prevented her from even accessing the website.

Now, she says accessing it has gotten a little better.

"I'm able to get in and get their account set up.  They're able to go ahead and finish answering all their questions and submit their applications.  Not one of them have gotten their subsidy numbers back yet and they cannot proceed to buy a policy," Spragins says.

Spragins says the continued delay is costing precious time.. something she says her clients and any other Texoman who is still trying to get healthcare coverage do not have.

"We've had six weeks of inaction and the website is working better now but what people need more than anything is an answer to their subsidy question.  Are they gonna get a subsidy to help pay their premium or are they not because you can't buy a policy while you're waiting for the subsidy answer to come in without paying full price for it," Spragins says.

December 15th is a little more than four weeks away.

Spragings says that's the deadline date to have a policy that will take effect on January 1st.

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