Still Causing Issues for Americans Trying to Enroll

- We are two weeks away from the next Obamacare enrollment deadline and one local insurance agent is concerned his clients won't have insurance by the new year.

Kelly Kristoe has tried both online and paper forms to sign up clients, but has been frustrated with both.

He says he hasn't been able to get much support from the helpline so most of his clients have not been able to enroll.

Fristoe says if you just want to sign up for a plan, you should have no problem. But if you need to be cleared for a subsidy, then you may be waiting awhile.

In the last week Fristoe has tried to sign up about 30 people for Obamacare. Only about four of those were successful at getting approved for a subsidy.

“A lot of those are still showing in progress, that it's not complete yet and we have no clue what the problem is, we've done all the data entry” says Fristoe.

So he turned to the helpline.

“We got on live chat, we called the 800 number, 800 number we were on hold for 20 minutes, nobody ever picked up, live chat person couldn't help us, so we go through the process again,” says Fristoe.

And when he did get an agent on the line, he says the agent didn't know what the problem was.

To avoid some of these issues he started signing up clients on paper forms.  But has not received a response from those either.

He says if he doesn't get a response on those, he will try to resign them online.

Fristoe says the site is just not agent friendly, and most agents are not even listed on the website under where you can find help in your area.

But as tough as signing up has been,  Fristoe still has hope for the sign up process.

“It is ten times better than it was two weeks ago, so we're seeing improvements, I don't want to be all doom and gloom, we're seeing improvements but it seems like the people seeing the most problems are the ones that need the coverage the worst.,” says Fristoe.

So for now Fristoe is just focusing on helping as many people as he can until if and when the process becomes easier.

Here are some important dates to remember if you are going to enroll:

December 23rd is the deadline to be able to get coverage starting January 1st.

And if you do not have insurance by March 31st you could be paying a penalty.

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