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The Obama Administration is doing damage control as technical issues continue to plague the launch of the healthcare website at the White House software troubleshooters worked overtime. And senior administration officials admitted they did not see what was coming. Steve Handelsman has the latest from Washington at the Big Bear Coffee Shop in DC, a lot of people were checking out
the website,

Software engineer Viktor Grinev is waiting to buy coverage, because, he told me: the site was sure to start up with glitches like he's found private sites do. "So you're not upset that obamacare that healthcare dot gov has problems? Emotionally I do but when I start thinking about it, my intellect tells me it's ok? Yes yes".

The site failed early testing, but president obama was not told said the White House today. "We did not expect or anticipate the scale of the problems that have occurred and that's on us."

As health insurance executives met today at the white house to help fix the problems. A new reported issue: Some people seeing one price on the website but paying much more.

And Republicans claim that is the short term, fewer people will be covered. "I think what you're going to see at the end of October are more Americans are going to lose their health insurance than are going to sign up at these exchanges."

But back at big bear, Monique Akassi believes in Obamacare, "that it will be highly effective despite the rough road we had to experience"

Actually the road is plenty rough right now. And, politically, it's sure to get rougher tomorrow: the first house hearing on healthcare dot gov ...and it won't be just republicans expressing outrage. Steve handelsman, NBC news.

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