Heating Crews Anticipate Weather Will Bring Them a Busy Weekend

- This weekend brings Texoma's first real taste of what's to come.

And as the wintry-type precipitation blows in, so will business to area heating companies.

Michael Graham, owner of Mike Graham Heating and A.C, says, "Here in the next few days it's going to get pretty cold and we know that we're going to get a lot of demand calls, a lot of problem calls."

John Ferguson, vice president of Ferguson-Veresh, says, "When we have this nice weather, people tend not to think about it, but as the front approaches, you should be getting it in the forefront of your mind and get it done."

"It's not top of mind to be able to service that equipment," Graham says. "They think, 'Oh, we'll be fine. We'll be fine.' Then a cold snap hits and they're not fine."

And the front can, at first, be deceiving.

"Typically what happens when a front comes in is a home will hold its temperature for about 24 hours depending on wind speeds and how severe the conditions are, so you don't really notice you have a problem until you're almost a full day into the cold front," Ferguson says.

And by that time, many others have made the same realization and technicians' schedules will be backing up.

If you have a gas system, experts say it's very important to have those checked and serviced to makes sure there's not a carbon monoxide leak.

And a problem they say they're actually seeing more often this year: carbon monoxide leaks because of broken broken flue pipes that vent the systems through the roof.

They say that could be a result of roof work from the big hail storms in the spring.

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