Heavy Rain Benefiting Wichita Falls and Texoma

- Heavy rains fell overnight in Wichita Falls, flooding streets and causing police to stand guard and make sure drivers steered away from the high waters.

But while the rain created some hazards around town, it made Wichita Falls public works officials very happy because it added water to lakes from which the city gets its drinking water.

"Arrowhead is still trending up. It's come up about three or four inches and Lake Kickapoo has come up about six inches and both of them, according to the USGS gauge they're still rising," says Russell Schreiber, director of public works for the City of Wichita Falls.

Heavy showers helped fill ponds, like one at Smith Garden Town. And the nursery was able to refill its rain containers.

That water was then dumped into a catch basin to water plants on site. The owner says the rain that fell around town will be a life saving drink for the thirsty trees.

"This will give us some adequate soil moisture for our mature trees to last at least a month and that's just a Godsend for this time of the year," says Steve Smith of Smith Garden Town.

A godsend because the area usually receives very little, if any rain, in July and August.

County extension officials say the rain not only helped moisten the ground and grass in the city but also in rural areas which is a huge help for volunteer fire fighters and ranchers, who now have more water in their stock ponds and greener grass for their herds.

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