Henrietta Elevates to Stage 5 Water Restrictions Saturday

- Recent rains have been a welcomed sight in Texoma. However, that much-needed moisture has not been enough to prevent another city dependent on lake water to put more restrictions on its residents.

The City of Henrietta is currently in Stage 4 water restrictions, but that will change as of midnight Saturday.

Puddles around Henrietta show evidence of recent rains.

Unfortunately, those rains did not bring enough water into Lake Arrowhead to prevent the city from elevating to Stage 5 water restrictions.

Under the city's Stage 5 drought contingency plan, residents can no longer use city water to irrigate outside their homes, wash off sidewalks or other paved areas or wash their vehicles.

However, car washes and other commercial businesses that use water to maintain their primary business practices-- are exempt.

All the tighter restrictions have some residents concerned, like Steve Magers.

"I started conserving cause our bill was getting high and we just started conserving water. We just water our dogs.  Our animals that we have in the backyard  and we take a bath in about 4 to 5 inches of water and we take that water out and pour it on the plants when we get through," says Steve Magers, who lives in Henrietta.

Magers and other residents say recent rains have caused neighborhoods to green up.

However, with more stringent water restrictions taking effect soon they feel the impact will be devastating.

"We've just got to sit and watch our trees and our grass... we've just got to watch them die cause there's not gonna be no water," Magers says.

Henrietta's only source of water is Lake Arrowhead.

City officials say Stage 5 restrictions go into effect when the lake drops below 25%.

On Monday, the lake's level was 23.3%.

So, Stage 5 will take effect tonight at midnight.

And anyone caught violating the restriction could face a fine up to $1,000.

You can view Stage 5 Drought Restrictions for the City of Henrietta by clicking on the following link:


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