Henrietta Home Uses Self-Sufficient Water System

- The Huff's use rain water for all their water needs.

They say they don't need much, a ¼'' of rain gives them 1,000 gallons and for them, that's enough water for ten days.

It may not have rained in awhile but when it does, a 6,000 square foot roof in the Henrietta area will collect Gleynn and Wanda Huff's water supply.

Ten years ago, when they moved to the country they had a choice; Use a water hauler to bring them water or build their own device.

In two weeks Gleynn made a completely self-sufficient water system.

Each tank holds 3,000 gallons of water.

He says they only use about 100 gallons a day.

For several years they only had two tanks until Texoma experienced a dry spell.

“We got down to 500 gallons, 5 days left, and I said we have got to enlarge our storage,” said Gleynn Huff.

Then he added four more tanks.

Now they can hold up to 18,000 gallons of water.

Currently they have 12,000 gallons stored, and have no concerns over Texoma's water woes.

“This is my pressure pump over here, goes through these three filters, and this ultra violet light, and then it sends it to the house right here,” he said.

Inside their home the rain water is used for everything and they say it even tastes better than the city's.

“Our water has no chemicals in it, zero, zero chemicals,” said Huff.

Though they aren't afraid of running out, they still don't let theirs go down the drain without good use.

“We have a water efficient clothes washer, and we turn off the water when we brush our teeth or wash our hands,” he said.

“We soap up in the shower, then turn the water off, then soap up and turn it back on to rinse off,” said Wanda.

The Huff's say their system cost them about $25,000.

The best best part of it all, they say, no monthly water bill.

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