Henrietta Quick Stop Stocks Their Shelves With Alcohol

            A Henrietta store is becoming a popular place among customers.

            The boost in business came this past Friday when a new product hit the store shelves:  alcohol.

Back in November Henrietta had the largest turnout for a city election.

            It was to decide whether or not to legalize the sale of alcoholic beverages.

            Out of 971 votes cast, 760 were in favor of the measure.

            And now, alcoholic beverages are on one store's shelves, ready for purchase. 

In cans, or by the bottle, Henrietta's Quick Stop now has a new item in its refrigerator.

            Cases of beer arrived for the first time Friday evening something the city hasn't allowed in stores for about 80 years and that caused this quick stop to be a full house on Friday.

 "It was a big day because everyone wanted to be here and be the first in line," said Quick Stop Manager, Virginia Rogers.

            But Justin O'malley was the first buyer, which makes sense since he was the reason why the beverages even made it to the ballot.

            "I just went over there and bought a little six pack, I don't really drink beer I just wanted to be the first one to buy it," he said.

            In fact his motivation had little to do with getting a buzz and more to do with the city's economic growth.

            And with people eagerly buying alcoholic beverages, the quick stop store manager says sales are up.

            "It boosts are business and brings more people in," Rogers said.

            And that has O'malley hopeful for Henrietta's future.

            "I think we are at the beginning of a big change in Henrietta where the town really turns itself around," he said.

            Big changes that are pouring in with the help of beer.

            For now the Quick Stop only has beer to sell.

            But expect that to change soon.

They're waiting on their next alcoholic beverage to sell-- a shipment of wine.

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