Henrietta's Erik Sabine Pays It Forward to Help MSU Student


Erik Sabine moved to Henrietta two years ago but has lived in Texoma his entire life.

So when he went to work Wednesday and his manager said that the Pay-It-Forward truck was across the street at the Henrietta courthouse, he wasted no time coming out to meet us.

"It's a part of who I am as a person with my faith. To give to others and live sacrificially and to show that out to other people to let them know that that is the way to really live,” said Erik.

It was no surprise then that Erik immediately thought of his life long friend Michael Brodnex, a friend he coached in little league and who he says recently began to have some financial struggles.

He's a college student so he doesn't have a whole lot of money and this is a way to kind of help alleviate some of the burdens,” Erik said.

As we went to meet Michael, Erik Kept texting him while he was in class telling him that he had something important to show him all the while not telling him what it was.

"I was like, I'm in the middle of class right now so I can't really leave to do any thing and he was like your going to need to come outside for this," Michael said explaining when he received the message.

So when Michael finally did come outside he was overwhelmed to find out that he would be receiving the 300-dollars.

Money he plans on using to help pay for his education.

"It will help me a lot cuz I have to pay the school some money and this will help me a lot in what I need to do to further my education here at Midwestern," said Brodnex.

An education, thanks to Erik, will bring Michael one step closer to walking across that stage with his diploma in hand.

Michael is currently studying kinesiology at Midwestern State in hopes of one day becoming a coach himself.

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