HHH Organizers Evaluate this Year's Events

    For the first time in several years, Hotter n Hell Hundred organizers changed the ride's route, taking all cyclists through Sheppard Air Force Base.
    Chip Filer, executive director for the HHH, says, "From the feedback we've gotten from riders, 90 percent of the 100-milers that went through the base absolutely loved it."
    The route brought both the riders and the racers together in the end.
    "There are some that would rather have their own route, and there are probably some changes to the route that we'll make," Filer says.
    Post-ride, organizers received several requests to bring back Hell's Gate, an intermediate 60-mile goal for riders.
    "All in all, we'll probably find a way to put hell's gate back in the ride," Filer says.
    The off-road events went well, too, with Friday night's mountain bike race reaching capacity at 235 registrants.
    Organizers say they're working on an earlier start time next year.
    Sandy Monson, director of the HHH off-road events, says, "And having a much more involved mountain bike race so we can have more and more people."
    Another change that's in the works: putting a set of bleachers at the trail river crossing.
    "So spectators can cheer and heckle the mountain bikers and runners if they tend to take a little bit too long crossing the river," Monson says.
    And for those who love a good thrill...
    "Pat the Trail Boss is adding a 12-foot tall section for next year, so that will be fun," Monson says.
    One-hundred 72 athletes signed up for this year's "Triple Threat".
    "And actually 125 completed it and that is an all-time record high on completions on the Triple Threat," Monson says.
    Athletes pushed themselves to the limit during the three-day Triple Threat, which is made up of three events: Friday night's Wee-Chi-Tah Trail mountain bike race, Saturday's 100-mile bike race or ride, and a half-marathon on the Wee-Chi-Tah Trail bright and early Sunday morning.
    Organizers say they'll meet in about a month to review the events and suggest changes to continue to improve the nation's biggest bike ride.

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