HHH: The After Party

"Great job, great job."

The race is over and now the real fun begins: the after party.

People posed for pictures, and received congratulations from loved one.

Many riders spent the afternoon recovering from the race, refueling themselves with carbs, but pasta wasn't the first choice.

"Well beer right now. But we are also using these protein shakes that they are handing out right now," one rider said.

And how does a cold beer, after 100 miles versus sitting on your front porch one afternoon taste?

"Probably one of the best ones I have ever had," an annual HHH rider said.

Another odd remedy: pickle juice.

This year you could find pickles and the juice at every race rest stop.

"And it's great for the salts you need for endurance rides."

"Especially if you are fighting cramps because of, it was really windy today."

"You had to work really really hard today, and the pickle juice really helped."

Riders parked their bikes and crowded the shade to find relief.

But what most looked forward to was catching some Z's.

"Oh, oh like a rock tonight, sleep like a rock."

"This is the best nights sleep, it will be tonight."

"We're exhausted."

"And that will start at about three o'clock this afternoon."

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